Everyday Café among multiple local businesses suffering in the midst of inflation

PITTSBURGH — A coffee, a sandwich — items like this are costing local eateries like Everyday Café, located in Homewood on 532 N. Homewood Ave., more money due to inflation.

Quiche, wraps, sandwiches, paninis, coffee, smoothies, soups and pastries are just some of the items that must be ordered, prepared and priced. It’s a task that chef Ron Harper said is becoming more difficult as the Department of Agriculture estimates that food prices are 10%higher than last year.

“At one point, turkey was $3.20 a pound, now it’s $5, depending on what type of turkey you get,” said Harper.

Customer costs, product availability, getting patrons in the doors and even placing an order — for small businesses those types of increases have a huge impact.

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