Family says another driver was at fault in fatal Parkway East rollover crash

PITTSBURGH — The family of a man from Texas who was killed Wednesday in a rollover crash on the Parkway East says another driver was at fault in the fatal accident.

David Alexander’s family said he was in Pittsburgh for his brother-in-law’s funeral, and on the day of the crash, he had decided to move to Pennsylvania to help his newly widowed sister.

"Next thing you know, we were flipping and spinning,” said Tim Alexander, who was driving his truck and was injured in the crash that killed his brother. "I couldn't regain control of the car, and then we were into the hillside."

Alexander, a retired Pittsburgh police officer, said they were coming down the inbound ramp near the Squirrel Hill tunnel headed into downtown when the accident occurred.

"The vehicle just came over. I couldn't believe it, you know. I know they're going to see this big truck,” he said.

He said he moved over as far as he could and honked his horn.

"But then the car just kept coming, and it hit me,” Alexander said.

His truck flipped down an embankment, and both he and his brother were thrown from the truck.

"All I could do was look up, and I saw my brother. He must have been 12 feet away from me,” said Alexander.

David Alexander, who retired from the Air Force, died at UPMC Mercy Hospital.

"He was doing things to change over his address. That's why they were on the road,” said his sister, Laura English. "He came here from Texas for my husband's funeral. It was last Saturday, and he decided to stay to help me out."

Now the family is asking the driver of the sliver mid-sized sedan that struck Tim and David Alexander to come forward.

"It's hard for me to think that they didn't know that they were in an accident,” said English.

David Alexander’s children are flying into Pittsburgh to bury him.