Father faces men accused of beating, paralyzing him 3 years ago

Father faces men accused of beating, paralyzing him 3 years ago

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — The victim of a beating so severe it left him paralyzed was in court Thursday to face the men accused of attacking him several years ago.

"I'm hoping that, you know, they get what they deserve,” victim Phillip McKenzie said.


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McKenzie told Channel 11 News that he doesn’t take a day for granted anymore after a fight three years ago that left him paralyzed.

“It's definitely different. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. Life is short, so I have to make the best of everything,” he said.

The 23-year-old said the incident occurred on Father’s Day. He said he was trying to make a point to see his then 17-month-old daughter.

"I was just fighting all day to see my child. When I finally had an opportunity, I was misled and it turned bad,” McKenzie said.

According to police, there was pushing and shoving among McKenzie and three other men when he showed up at a house on Patton Avenue in Jeannette.

“I was tackled over a banister and snapped my neck off of a gas meter,” McKenzie said.

Charges were filed this past July against Tyler Sinclair, John Horne and Robert Pasparge Jr.

It was unclear why it took so long for all three to be charged with aggravated assault.

“I'm hoping they get what they deserve. I'm just hoping justice is done,” McKenzie said.

All charges against the three men were held for court Thursday during their preliminary hearing.