Friendship woman speaks out after allegedly being followed by man to her apartment

PITTSBURGH — A Friendship woman is speaking out after she tells Channel 11 she was followed to her apartment.

The nightmare for Jordan Seiler began early Wednesday morning outside her Negley Avenue apartment building.

Around 4 a.m., Seiler was taking her sick puppy outside when she noticed a red sedan stop and park illegally.

Seiler says she went back inside but with her sick dog, but she was back outside minutes later. That’s when she noticed the driver had gotten out of his vehicle and was standing in the roadway, staring directly at her.

“At that point immense fear ran through me,” said Seiler. “I booked it. I told my dog let’s go and he booked it after me.”

Seiler said the man ran after her. During her attempt to quickly unlock the building’s main door, Seiler didn’t have time to make sure it was secure behind her.

“It doesn’t latch all the way, so he slipped through,” said Seiler.

According to Seiler, the suspect followed her directly to her front door on the second floor.

“I ran in and locked my door,” said Seiler. “I heard the man say hello. I was holding a knife in my hand because I’m thinking I need to defend myself.”

Seiler called 911 while the suspect stood outside of her door for 20 minutes.

Seiler tells Channel 11 it took half an hour for police to arrive. By then, the suspect was already gone.

“I wish they arrived earlier on the scene.”

Channel 11 asked Pittsburgh police if they’re investigating the matter and how long it took them to respond to the call. So far, we haven’t heard back.

We also reached out to the agency that owns the apartment property, Herbert Halsband Properties, but at the time of this story, our call has not been returned.

“The door is definitely a security issue,” said Seiler. “I’m hoping they take action. Other tenants and I requested for security cameras also to be put in, I think that’s the bare minimum of safety.”

Seiler is warning other women in the area to be aware of their surroundings. She describes the suspect as a thin white male, between 5′10 and 5′11, with blond spiky hair on the top and the sides of his head shaved.

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