• Good Samaritans help woman get away from robber, hold suspect for police


    PITTSBURGH - A robbery victim is thanking several good Samaritans who helped her get away from a robber and alert police.

    According to police, Maggie Negrete was walking on Penn Avenue Sunday just before 5 p.m. when she noticed a man walking in front of her.

    Negrete told detectives that the man, later identified as 31-year-old Fred Perella, followed her as she turned onto 42nd Street. He then approached her while holding a glass bottle.

    Investigators said Perella grabbed Negrete, threatened her and stole her wallet.

    “This guy came up beside me and pushed me along the hospital corner convenience store and was like, ‘Give me all your money,’” said Negrete.

    Negrete told police she started running and screaming for help as Perella chased after her.

    Once she reached the intersection of Calvin and 42nd streets, three good Samaritans noticed the confrontation and apprehended Perella while the woman called 911.

    “My dad went to the door and took a look and saw that she was in distress,” said Sean Sweeney.

    Sweeney held Perella until police arrived.

    “I just did what I thought was good,” he said.

    Police said when they arrived Perella was in possession of the victim’s wallet.

    "I'm a big super hero fan, so I definitely think they're superheroes to me now in my neighborhood,” said Negrete.

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