Greensburg firefighters warn of new scam affecting the area

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Scammers are hitting you over the phone any way they can… But when a supposed representative from the national firefighters association made one phone call in Greensburg, they quickly realized they’re messing with the wrong person.

When Greensburg fire chief Tom Bell’s phone rang the other day, the person on the other end said they were with an organization you would think he’d be familiar with.

“When I answered, they said, ‘Hi, my names such and such. I’m from the national firefighters association… and were soliciting donations, would you like to donate?’” said Bell.

Chief Bell kept asking questions, and they seemed to have an answer for everything.

The scammer had a phone number to contact — and donation denominations.

Bell eventually asked specifically how the donation would get back to his local first responders.

“How do you get the donations back to our department here in the city of Greensburg? And he hung up the phone,” said Bell.

Chief Bell did some digging and turns out, he can’t find any trace of the national firefighters association… it doesn’t even exist.

“Some people especially the elderly when they get a phone call they’re willing to donate and there’s a lot of people out there who would probably fall for that and send that donation in,” said Bell.

Bell said the Greensburg fire department will never ask for donations over the phone.

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