Greensburg man found dead inside apartment following apparent fire

GREENSBURG, Pa. — A Greensburg man was found dead inside his Autumn Brook apartment late Monday night after an apparent fire.

Westmoreland County coroner Tim Carson identified the victim as David Bramini, 40.

”It came in as a call to 911 that a lady was reporting some unknown type of alarm in the building,” Greensburg fire chief Tom Bell said.

The alarm was coming from a carbon monoxide detector down the hall from Bramini’s apartment.

The woman who heard the alarm and called it in was neighbor Patty Pitzer.

”They were going off for maybe 2-3 hours,” Pitzer said.

She thought it was a dead battery in a smoke detector, so she called the rental office and then police.

When she opened up the door to go outside, she was met with a cloud of smoke.

”There was all this smoke that come and hit me in the face where I couldn’t breathe,” Pitzer said.

Greensburg firefighters were checking the building for any signs of a fire, from the outside.

”At that time, he noticed in the window that it looked like the blinds had melted,” Bell said.

Thermal imaging cameras detected the second floor apartment had a heat reading of over 100 degrees.

”[They] Open the door and got in and was hit with heat and smoke. They journeyed in with the first 10 feet of the building and discovered a body right away,” Bell said.

Firefighters found a pot on the stove and believe that is how the fire started.

Chief Bell said in his 35 years of firefighting, he has only ever seen this happen four times in his career.

”Apparently the fire snuffed itself out. Those apartments are so well tight, double paned windows, a fire door, like a metal door, never got out… Basically snuffed itself out,” Bell explained.

The coroner said the cause and manner of death have yet to be determined because they still need to do an autopsy and toxicology tests.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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