Gun buyback held in Wilkinsburg to keep firearms out of hands of criminals

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — More than 50 guns are off the street after a buyback event in Wilkinsburg Saturday.

“We’re just trying to get them off the street so they don’t fall into the wrong hands,” Wilkinsburg Det. Doug Yuhouse told Channel 11.

This year’s event was slower than previous ones, but Yuhouse says it’s still significant.

“What it does is we’re trying to get the guns so they don’t go into the hands of criminals. Most of the guns turned in here are legal firearms that people don’t want anymore,” he said.

Among the participants was Jeff Kelly. He turned in ammunition.

“We found them in the garage on a shelf that hadn’t been used in a long time from skeet shooting years ago,” Kelly said.

Borough Council President Denise Edwards also traded in ammunition she found while cleaning out her house after her husband’s death.

“There’s no magic bullet, pardon the pun. There is no magic bullet. We do everything we can to make our community as safe as we can,” she said.

The event swaps rifles, handguns and more for vouchers. If you couldn’t make it today, officials tell us you can still take advantage of it by going to the police department and talking to the secretary.

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