• Halloween fun or inappropriate? Pittsburgh man's over-the-top decorations [PHOTOS]


    PITTSBURGH - A Halloween display in Pittsburgh is causing quite a controversy.

    A man in Brookline, a small neighborhood within city limits, has his front yard decorated with blood, plastic dolls and a cannibal bunny rabbit.

    Some people in the neighborhood said the display is too graphic and they want it to be taken down.

    But Joe Dauria said it’s all in good fun for the upcoming holiday.

    “It’s fun! It’s just done in the spirit of Halloween. It’s not meant to offend anybody. It’s done to make people laugh and give them something to look at,” Dauria told Channel 11 News.

    He said he receives the most complaints about the baby dolls hanging from a fence.

    You be the judge. View pictures of the display HERE and then let us know what you think on the WPXI-TV Pittsburgh Facebook page

    Channel 11’s Jennifer Tomazic reported Friday that city code states holiday displays cannot be up for more than 90 days -- meaning the decorations are legal as long as they aren’t displayed longer than 90 days.

    Here's the exact language:

    919.03.H Holiday Displays

    Temporary displays or signs in the nature of decorations, clearly incidental and commonly associated with any national, local or religious holiday, permitted in any district provided:

    1.  They shall not be displayed for a period of more than ninety (90) consecutive days nor more than ninety (90) days in any one (1) year;

    2.  They may extend over public right-of-ways provided authorization is supplied by the Director of the Department of Public Works and the Chief of the Bureau of Building Inspection. 

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