• Homeowner says noise from Penn Township gas well ‘mind-numbing'


    PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A woman told Channel 11 News Friday that she’s fed up with the noise coming from a gas well fracking operation near her home in Penn Township, Butler County.

    Shirley Chilcott said she moved out to the country on more than 20 acres of land for peace and quiet. She said she never dreamed of having to deal with “mind-numbing” noise 24/7.


    Chilcott said the Department of Environmental Protection told her to keep records of the level of noise, using a decibel meter to document what she calls excessive noise coming from XTO Energy’s gas well. 

    “They're not a good neighbor. They are working day and night. The noise is mind-numbing,” she said.

    Chilcott lives about 1,000 feet from the gas well. Within 500 feet of the gas well, the ground begins to shake.

    Her meter has hit decibels of 100, which is comparable to the noise of a jet taking off. 

    Chilcott and other neighbors who spoke with Channel 11 News said they're not against the energy company or the jobs the gas well is bringing to the area. Chilcott said she’d like them to stop working throughout the night or put up a noise barrier. 

    “I'd like them to put a noise barrier up around it,” she said. “That would be good enough for me so we could relax out here.”

    When contacted for comment, a spokeswoman for XTO Energy said she’d look into the complaints. 

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