House catches fire after being struck by lightning in Marion Township, officials say

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — A Beaver County home was struck by lightning Tuesday morning according to fire officials.

This happened around 9:40 AM along Route 588 in Marion Township.

The woman was in the living room when the lightning hit.

“I heard the lightning crack and flash and I thought it hit outside the house there,” said Sharon Hart.

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Then she smelled something burning minutes later.

“And I look up and there was smoke pouring out of the peak of the house and then I called 911 and realized it actually got hit by the lightning,” said Hart.

Fortunately, Hart was not hurt and got out okay. She called her husband who rushed home.

“I saw some flames coming out of the peak of the roof and a lot of smoke,” said Bob Hart.

Fire officials said there is a lot of damage to the home including smoke and water damage.

“Gutted out the whole complete second floor. The first floor took quite a bit of damage also,” said Captain Jim Scheck for the Big Knob Fire Department.

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The couple can’t live in their home until it’s fixed and they said repairs could take several months.

“I would imagine with how hard it is to get materials today, it’s probably going to be a good year before they can get back into their home,” said Captain Scheck.

The couple is planning to stay with family and friends until the damages are repaired.