Private investigator says inmates at Armstrong Co. Jail describe security gaps

Escaped inmate captured after short chase in Armstrong County

ARMSTRONG COUNTY, Pa. — Nearly three weeks since Robert Crissman escaped Armstrong County Jail and allegedly murdered Tammy Long before being captured, new details are being revealed about potential security lapses at the jail.

George Kontos, the lawyer representing Tammy Long’s children, Todd and Tara, said the family is doing well, but still seeking justice.


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"They're not bitter. I think they're very shocked. They'd like to see justice done not only for themselves but the community,” Kontos said.

Kontos said that despite the Armstrong County Jail board hiring three outside firms to investigate its prison system and putting the warden on leave, he hired his own private investigator to look into how Crissman walked away the morning of July 30.

"(It’s) very disturbing on a number of fronts, clearly a lack of security and supervision - how is beyond me,” he said.

Channel 11 obtained a copy of the statements current inmates at the jail made to Kontos’ investigator. Both who were interviewed said Crissman and two others left without any supervision to get breakfast trays that morning. One of the inmates also said he believes Crissman was withdrawing from drugs the day he took off.

"This is important to this family as well. They're residents of this community, they want to make sure nothing like this happens again in their hometown,” Kontos said.

Kontos said he believes Long’s murder will ultimately turn into a wrongful death lawsuit.

Calls to the jail board for comment were not immediately returned Tuesday.