Last of beams for Fern Hollow Bridge will arrive in Pittsburgh starting Thursday morning

Starting Thursday morning, super loads carrying beams for the Fern Hollow Bridge will be making their way to South Braddock Avenue in Pittsburgh.

The first transport is expected to leave Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania, at 7 a.m. and arrive in Pittsburgh by 10 a.m.

The 90-mile journey will travel through multiple counties, shutting down local ramps and roadways along the way.

To reach the bridge site, the super load will back up the ramp that carries traffic from South Braddock Avenue to inbound Interstate 376 at the Edgewood/Swissvale interchange.

Then it will continue on to northbound South Braddock Avenue.

To allow the delivery, the following roads will be closed:

- The ramps from West Swissvale Avenue and northbound South Braddock Avenue to the inbound Parkway East.

- The ramp from southbound Braddock Avenue to inbound Parkway East.

- South Braddock Avenue in both directions between the I-376 interchange and Forbes Avenue.

- Side streets along the delivery route that intersect with South Braddock Avenue.

“It’s been a big inconvenience to say the least, for a lot of people that live out this way,” said Wilkinsburg resident, Rich Brown. “It’s going to be an inconvenience getting it fixed but that’s a price we have to pay. I just hope they build it right this time and take care of it.”

Beams are expected to be delivered Thursday and Friday of this week, and Monday and Tuesday of next week.

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