• Lawyer: Soccer coach didn't know of duct-taping


    NATRONA HEIGHTS, Pa. - The Highlands soccer coach was suspended after a student with autism was reportedly duct-taped to a goal post by his teammates this week.

    Channel 11 spoke with the coach’s lawyer Thursday, and he said the coach wasn’t there for the duct-taping and he didn’t know about it beforehand.

    The family of Austin Babinsack, the student who police said was duct-taped by his teammates, has also hired an attorney.

    “The Babinsacks want to get to the bottom of this matter.  They want to know who knew and when, and when we have those questions answered, we’ll be prepared to take the next steps,” said attorney Phil DiLucente.

    DiLucente plans to meet with police Friday to review surveillance tape of the soccer field during the alleged incident.

    Soccer coach Jim Turner’s lawyer declined an interview Thursday but sent Channel 11 this statement:

    “Mr. Turner had absolutely no involvement in the incident, was not present when it happened and first learned of the allegations about the students after the fact.”

    His lawyer said any reports that Turner knew about the incident beforehand are "patently false and unequivocally denied."


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