Light of Life Rescue Mission gives back this holiday in new facility

PITTSBURGH — On Thanksgiving, the kitchen at Light of Life Rescue Mission does not shut down. Rather, it heats up.

“It doesn’t matter where I do it, it’s who we are doing it for and why we are doing it that’s the real blessing,” said Don Waite, a volunteer.

Waite is commonly known as the “Green Bean Man” and he shows up at Light of Life every holiday. He steams and stirs 860 pounds of beans.

“When I get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to come down here I think it’s going to be a long day, but then I remember every time I come here, I have gotten bigger blessings than the work I’ve put into it,” Waite said.

It’s a tradition not just for him, but the staff at the mission to serve those Thanksgiving favorites to people in our community.

“I’ve been on staff here for 11 years now and it never gets old. We are all one or two decisions away from needing help. We are just honored to be here for when people are in need,” said Doug Smith.

For the first time, it’s all happening at the new facility. So, add in 59 pans of turkey paired with 50 gallons of gravy. Plus 600 pounds of stuffing and 135 pumpkin pies and you get 1000 meals for those in need.

As volunteers fill the kitchen throughout the day, it’s their dedication that makes the event such a success.

“We could not exist without our volunteers, and we have so many of them willing to give up a few hours on their Thanksgiving to come down and serve those in need and we are so grateful,” Smith said.

In addition to a hot meal, winter coats were handed out to anyone who needed one.