Ligonier Fire Department trying to buy nearby municipal building

LIGONIER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The Ligonier Borough building has a long-storied history, housing the town’s first-ever fire truck from the 1920s.

The building was built in the 1930s and is a landmark in Ligonier.

”The fire department has occupied this building really in some shape since it was built in 1937,” Ligonier Borough Volunteer Fire Department Chief Corey Blystone said.

The Borough used to do its day-to-day operations out of the borough building, until Town Hall was built off the diamond and the police department merged with the township — now all that’s left is the fire department.

”We have two vehicles in here, a lot of our equipment, our meeting room and training rooms, et cetera,” Blystone said.

The auctioneer said it’s not uncommon a municipality would divest themselves and auction off one of its own building, but the fire department is hoping to buy it when it’s up for auction in a few weeks; and legally, they would have to.

”It was thought that, possibly, the fire department could purchase it for a nominal fee. That’s a possibility, but the way the statues and laws are written, if we do that, should it cease to be used by us for the fire department, it would have to revert back to the Borough,” Blystone said.

The fire department said they know it needs a lot in repairs, but they’re hoping to win the bid and continue to keep serving the community while preserving its history.

”It’s tough, it’s all on our donations and fundraising to fund these projects. It’s a big ask,” Blystone said.

The auction is set for Jan. 29 at 2 p.m., at Town Hall. The borough will have the final say after those bids are placed.