Local business replaces veteran's headstone for free after damage from vandals

A family is demanding answers after they found out the gravesite of their loved one - a veteran - was vandalized over Memorial Day weekend.

ROCHESTER, Pa. — Months after a veteran’s headstone was badly damaged by vandals, a local company in Beaver County has come forward with a new headstone and is replacing it free of charge.

Channel 11 news first told the story when the headstone was damaged on Memorial Day.


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Minutes after hearing the story, Rome Monument called and said it would replace the headstone, worth $5,000, for free.

The work to replace the monument began early Friday.

“It makes me feel good that our company can help. We felt so bad for the lady,” said Bill Morgan, of Rome Monument.

Carol Cable, who was the long-term girlfriend of war veteran Tom Smeltzer, expressed her gratitude for the act of kindness.

“I’m just so grateful to them for doing this for us. We would’ve never been able to fix it,” Cable said.