• Local family racing against time to find son, 2, a lifesaving liver transplant


    PITTSBURGH - According to doctor’s at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, 2-year-old Lucas Goeller is running out of time to get a lifesaving liver transplant.

    Goeller was born with a twisted intestine and a condition called biliary atresia, which is enlarging his liver and leaving him with a swollen abdomen.

    His mother and father said his condition is very serious.

    “He’s tough. Since he was born, he doesn’t know what good feels like,” said his mother.

    His father said doctors told them at the end of 2014 that it was a good time to get a transplant. 

    Goeller’s parents said their son will die if he doesn’t get a liver transplant soon. The only thing that can save him is if he’s matched with someone who has died because he’s in need of a full liver.

    “As a parent, watching your child at home or in the hospital, a lot of things go through your head. It’s a very difficult subject,” said Goeller’s father.

    The Goeller family is trying to spread the word about the importance of organ donations while praying for a miracle. 

    “He’s very strong, and for a 2-year-old, very in tuned to God. He is an amazing spirit,” Goeller’s mother said.

    In just two days, a Go Fund Me page the family created to raise enough money to gain as much awareness for Goeller and his condition had nearly $9,000 in donations. Any wishing to contribute can visit the page by CLICKING HERE.

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