• Local former FBI agent believes suspects in Boston Marathon bombings acted alone



    A local retired FBI agent told Channel 11’s Alan Jennings on Friday that the two brothers who are suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were likely working alone.

    Larry Likar, who is a former FBI terrorism expert and the author of the book “Eco-Warriors, Nihilistic Terrorists, and the Environment,” said the brothers seem to be “textbook examples” of a breed of radicals called nihilistic terrorists who believe “life is pointless” and “human values are worthless.”

    “[The brothers] got into this basic nihilistic belief that we got to create a very violent act. It could include our own self-destruction, but we’re going to send a message we’re important,” said Likar.

    A social media quote from the deceased brother said, “I don’t have a single American friend. I don’t understand them.”

    According to Likar, a statement like that is a textbook example of social and religious anger.

    “That is often common for nihilistic terrorism in a variety of stamps, it could be different professed causes, but generally, they are frustrated and alienated,” said Likar.

    Currently a professor and chair of the Justice, Law and Security Department at La Roche College, Likar believes the pressure cooker bombs that the brothers put together are a big signal that the brothers lacked backing and expertise.

    “The idea that there’s some realistic goal? There’s not,” said Likar.

    Likar said he is almost certain the brothers radicalized themselves.

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