Local GOP official hangs American flag upside down

McKEESPORT, Pa. — The head of the Mon Valley Republican party hung a flag upside down on Monday -- the day of President Barack Obama's second-term inauguration.

Hanging for all to see outside of the party's meeting spot on Washington Boulevard, it caught the attention of many people. A lot of them told Channel 11 News that they don't believe the signal of distress was appropriate.

Channel 11's Julie Fine talked to the man behind the flag. He said that he doesn't "regret it at all" because "our nation is in a horrible place."

"I think some people that didn't know why the flag was flying upside down might find out, and some people that didn't agree with it might've talked to some people who agreed with it," Brent Kovac said.

The GOP official said he's so disappointed with the country's direction that felt he needed to send the one-day message, removing the flag at sundown.