Local home severely damaged after truck plows through front early Monday

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. — A New Brighton woman got quite the wake-up call early Monday morning after a truck crashed into the front of her house.

Becky Sacco said, “Last night, thank goodness I decided to go to bed early because usually I’m up. And around 1:30, I just heard this noise -- well, I heard noise, then I heard my house just shake. So it woke me up. I come downstairs and seen the truck in my living room.”

Sacco lives at the intersection of Mercer Avenue and 3rd street. She says cars always fly down Mercer Avenue because it’s a straightaway.

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Sacco added, “Well, the young boy that was driving it was trying to make sure that I was OK, so I do appreciate that very much. But him and his buddies were speeding through here and he lost control and that’s how the accident happened because that is a problem on this road -- the speed.”

Fortunately, Sacco wasn’t injured, but the damage to her home is significant. Structural engineers told her today that the home would need to be secured by putting up beams and temporary walls just to get inside to assess the damage.

“The living room is pretty much destroyed,” Sacco said. “My furniture. Everything is destroyed. From what the structural engineers just told me that they’re... it’s up to the insurance. They might fix it. They might just say condemn it.”

The homeowner is staying with nearby relatives for the time being.

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