Local man out $60,000 after national solar panel company closes

PITTSBURGH — Pink Energy, a national solar panel installation company, closed its doors last week – after months of financial difficulties and customer complaints. Now hundreds of customers are in the dark.

Imagine paying $60,000 for something that does not work. That’s exactly what one local man said happened to him. Now, he wants Pink Energy to fix the problem or give him his money back and take the solar panels too.

“I basically have a $60,000 system on my roof and in my basement that does nothing for me,” said Pink Energy customer Justun.

After months of researching and actively making changes to conserve energy, Justun decided to finally pull the trigger, and purchase solar panels for his home in Etna.

“Everything was good. I couldn’t find any complaints anywhere,” Justun said.

In April 2022, he had Pink Energy install 15 solar panels, a huge financial investment that he hoped would later save him money.

“Now I am stuck with a 215-dollar solar, and a 270-dollar electric bill,” Justun, said.

But instead of saving money, Justun is paying double – an electric bill from Duquesne Light on top of the loan used to pay for the solar energy.

“It’s not complete, so it doesn’t work,” Justun said.

He would now need to pay for an additional inspection out of pocket.

“They were supposed to change my electric meter. They never changed my electric meter,” Justun said.

Online victim groups have popped up sharing similar stories. North Carolina and Ohio Attorney Generals have both opened investigations.

“I either want the panels off the roof or it to work,” Justun said.

Pink Energy did not get back to 11 News when we reached out.

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