Local mom says medical marijuana drastically reduced daughter's debilitating seizures

PITTSBURGH — A local mother who turned to medical marijuana to treat her 10-year-old’s debilitating seizures is now sharing her story in the hopes that it will reach Gov. Tom Wolf and inspire him to push through legislation that would make the drug legal in Pennsylvania.

Last year, Jessica Hawkins’ daughter, Antania Hawkins, could hardly walk on her own. Now, Jessica Hawkins is watching her daughter come alive for the very first time.

“I had a 10-year-old infant and then she grew within an hour,” said Jessica Hawkins.

Jessica Hawkins said a marijuana oil extract did in minutes what dozens of pharmaceutical drugs couldn’t do throughout the years. The extract provided Antania Hawkins with relief from hundreds of debilitating seizures she was suffering from every day.

“She went from 400 seizures a day to one every three or four days,” said Jessica Hawkins.

Antania Hawkins had been on wait lists to participate in several cannabis oil studies, but when three other children just like her didn’t make it to Christmas, her mother decided she had to make a move.

“It hurt me enough to the point where I could not let a law stop me from saving my child’s life,” Jessica Hawkins said.

She sought treatment for Antania Hawkins in a place that allows legal use of the oil, and even she was surprised by how quickly the extract helped her daughter.

“When she woke up for the first time not having a seizure in 10 years, it was unbelievable,” said Nina Mitchell, Antania Hawkins’ grandmother.

Antania Hawkins is now able to use the right side of her body and her hand – which is also a first.

“She’s not perfect. She’s not healed, but she’s better,” said Jessica Hawkins.

In a couple of weeks, the Hawkins family plans to head west to Colorado, where Antania Hawkins will have her medicine and doctors.

They’re hoping the laws will change soon in Pennsylvania, so they can come back home and so that other families struggling with her condition can get the same life-saving treatment.

Anyone who wishes to help the Hawkins family can visit their GoFundMe page here.