Loved ones remember Clairton man struck and killed by vehicle on I-376

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — A man was killed after he was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 376.

The Allegheny County medical examiner identified the victim as 24-year-old Zaonte Davis of Clairton.

Pennsylvania State Police said that Davis’ vehicle was disabled in the eastbound lanes of the highway, near the Squirrel Hill and Homestead exit. Officers say he called a friend for help.

When the other person arrived, they parked on the shoulder of the westbound lanes. Police believe Davis tried to reach the other person by crossing the road on foot.

While crossing, Davis was struck by an unknown vehicle. Police believe a second vehicle may have struck him again while he was lying in the middle of the road. Police said neither driver stopped.

On Tuesday, police said with the help of the public, they were able to identify the two vehicles and the drivers.

“That’s my best friend. That’s my person,” said Davis’ girlfriend, Dakota Williams. “I’m angry. I’m angry at you all. You were flying. I looked up at my baby and you hit him like that. How dare you keep going?”

Williams tells Channel 11 she was there at the scene and witnessed at least four cars hit Davis. Williams says none of the cars stopped to help, render aid, or take responsibility.

“They took my baby’s dad while my baby was in the car. I want justice,” said Williams. “Someone needs to feel what I feel. I don’t want them to hurt, but someone needs to feel this. It’s not fair to me.”

“At this point I can’t determine what the driver was thinking at that time, but it is conduct and code that if you are in a crash, you are supposed to stop and render aid or give information,” said Pennsylvania State Trooper Rocco Gagliardi.

Several departments are involved in the investigation. Police say they do not have any surveillance video of the actual crash.

“Incidents on these big roads, they’re not a first, and obviously this won’t be the last one. So if you are stuck or broke down or disabled on the road, make sure to get off all the way on the shoulder and you can always call us for assistance,” said Gagliardi.

The Davis family also provided Channel 11 with a statement, which reads:

“We love and will miss our brother. He was a family man and did not deserve what happened to him. Please come forward, turn yourself in and help us get closure.”