Stanton Heights man describes moment shooting victim banged on door, asking for help

PITTSBURGH — There’s still debris and even a trail of blood leading up to some neighbors’ houses on McCabe Street. That’s where Pittsburgh police said a man was shot, knocking on neighbors’ doors, asking for help.

It was an unexpected wake-up call around 12:30 Wednesday morning for Cameron Booth and his husband.

“We heard a couple pops, and we thought…it’s either our neighbors were dropping marbles on the floor or maybe those were gunshots,” Booth said.

The next thing he knew, someone was banging on the door. It was dark, and they couldn’t see, so they called 911.

“When someone comes to your door saying they’ve been shot, of course, you want to help, but you have to think about your safety,” Booth said.

Pittsburgh police have not released the man’s name but say they found him shot in the backseat of a car that was on its way to the hospital. He was taken by ambulance in critical condition, as neighbors looked on.

“We saw the lights through our window up in the top there, so we came down, and there were several police cars,” said neighbor Wendy Rivers.

Daylight unveiled more of the aftermath. Booth’s car was damaged and virtually undrivable after one of the cars involved in the shooting crashed into it, but he told Channel 11 he’s grateful, knowing things could have been much worse.

“I wasn’t hurt, my husband wasn’t hurt, and hopefully the person involved in this incident is going to be OK,” Booth said.

Detectives are investigating.

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