• Man accused of killing puppy during fight with girlfriend claims police did it


    NEW CASTLE, Pa. - A man accused of killing a puppy while fighting with his girlfriend told Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewicz that the police are responsible.

    Leroy Graham appeared in court on Wednesday. Investigators said surveillance video shows Graham taking carrying the puppy and then slamming it against a car.

    "Why they making an example of me? Police officer killed the dog. Not me," said Graham. "I didn't do anything. I heard they got it on film. I want to see the film."

    Last month, police said Graham and his girlfriend got into an argument in the parking lot of her New Castle, Lawrence County, apartment.

    The woman tells police she asked Graham to watch her 2-month-old puppy that day and returned to find Graham angry when her shopping trip took longer than expected.

    Graham faces animal cruelty, simple assault and harassment charges. He is also on probation for sex offenses.

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