Man accused of stealing from Wilkinsburg Finance Department appears in court

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — Police arrested a former Borough employee here in Wilkinsburg who is accused of stealing a debit card from the branch and he appeared in court for the case.

Terrell Fields is a former Borough employee of Wilkinsburg Finance Department who was arrested because police said he stole a debit card from the branch and spent $3,400.

Police said he went to ATMs in the area and withdrew roughly $500 each time.

“He used three separate ATMS he used one in Wilkinsburg one in Monroeville one in the city of Pittsburgh,” said Det. Rich Grande of the Wilkinsburg police department.

The investigation began in July after the Borough fiance director noticed a debit card was missing from the department.

Wilkinsburg police detectives said Terrell had the missing card.

Police arrested Fields on Center Street in Pitcairn.

Fields faces several charges including theft and his preliminary hearing was held today.

“There was tentatively a plea bargain agreement for him to pay back the entire amount of restitution to the borough,” said Grande.

Fields is now in jail. Officers had two other warrants from Westmoreland and Allegheny counties.

The hearing for the restitution will be on Oct. 6.

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