• Man dies after vehicle driven into washed out Perry Twp. roadway


    PERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A man died early Saturday morning after his vehicle was driven into a culvert in Perry Township during a rainstorm in the area.

    Police said Thomas Whipkey, 37, of Perry Township, was traveling on Falbo Road about 1 a.m., when he unknowingly drove into a portion of the roadway that had been washed away.

    “I heard his car because he’s got a loud muffler. He didn't go up the hill, but I didn't think anything of it,” said Thomas Falbo.

    Whipkey is Falbo’s grandson’s father.

    Authorities were alerted to the washed out roadway by another driver who was on her way to work Saturday morning.

    When crews arrived to assess the damage, Whipkey and his vehicle were found in the culvert about 27 feet below the roadway, authorities said.

    Whipkey was not wearing a seat belt and suffered a fatal head injury, police said.

    Clarence Johnson, Perry Township supervisor, said, “We think that the culvert pipe became inundated with debris and the pressure from the dam washed the culvert pipe out, in turn taking the road with it.”

    Falbo Road is the only way in and out for a handful of families who live in the area.

    Channel 11’s Lori Houy reported that the township is working to have a temporary road in place within 24 hours.




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