Man facing charges after crime spree in Westmoreland County communities

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — A homeless man is in jail after a crime spree Sunday in two neighboring communities in Westmoreland County.

Police said Alex Kerestesy’s behavior was unpredictable and erratic and potentially put a lot of people in harms way. Greensburg police encountered Kerestesy in broad daylight Sunday.

”At that point, he removed all his clothes. He was in his socks and his underwear,” Chief Shawn Denning said.

Greensburg police shared video of the arrest from their dash cam.

The suspect can be seen pushing over a shopping cart in the middle of the road and running out into traffic.

Police said it took a handful of officers to get him under control after they got a call from the manager at the Rite Aid a few blocks away.

The manager of the Rite Aid said he was alarmed by his behavior inside the store.

”He was screaming. He was threatening the staff down at Rite Aid, and he was yelling and running up and down the aisle, throwing items on the floor,” Denning said.

Police said the manager tried to stop him from leaving with about $150 worth of merchandise in his cart, but that only escalated his behavior.

”The suspect told the manager, ‘I’m not paying for any of these items, and when the police come, I’m going to shoot them. And if you don’t get out of my way, I’ll shoot you,’” Denning said.

Police said the manager let him walk out after he said he rammed the shopping cart into his legs.

Just a few hours earlier, officers in Southwest Greensburg also had a run in with Kerestesy.

They said he became irate inside the lobby of the Knights Inn.

He asked for an application for employment and allegedly became belligerent with workers, causing $1,000 in damage to plexiglass and computers.

Investigators said they believe he was under the influence of either meth or bath salts.

“He was speaking extremely fast. The pain compliance wasn’t there. So, it’s like they have super human strength. They don’t feel pain, and also, they’re not thinking in a clear state of mind,” Denning said.

The judge denied him bail because they believe he is a danger to the community.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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