Shot fired outside mayor’s house, search for new police chief recommended

PITTSBURGH — Target 11 confirmed today that there was a shooting near Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey’s home in Larimer last week, and a new report by the mayor’s transitional team recommends the city immediately begin the search for a new police chief. That report is raising questions tonight about the future of Chief Scott Schubert.

The shooting in the Mayor’s neighborhood last week prompted around-the-clock police security details for the mayor and his family. Sources tell Target 11 an unmarked car sat outside the mayor’s office for a week.

Gainey, speaking at a news conference after receiving recommendations from his transitional team, confirmed that a shot was fired. Gainey said he was sitting on his porch with a friend when he heard a shot. The mayor said only one shot was fired, and he ran off his porch to see what was happening.

“I did come off the porch to take a look, and we seen a person running into a car and made a left onto Paulson Avenue, and went up the street. That’s what I saw, that’s all I saw; and then I did the right thing and called 911. If you ask me if I was scared for me and my family, absolutely,” said Gainey, who told police he saw a man fleeing in a silver Lexus.

Police also received a Shot Spotter alert at 7:56 p.m. When officers arrived, they found no victims and no property damage.

No arrests have been made in the shooting.

The mayor said the shot was not fired at him or his home.

The mayor spoke out about the shooting for the first time after his transitional team released a long list of recommendations to improve the city. Some of those recommendations address the uptick in violence. The report suggested, among other recommendations, rebuilding trust between the community and police, investing in anti-violence workforce development and identifying the key people and places driving the violence.

After receiving the recommendations, the mayor also expressed concern about juvenile access to guns.

“There’s no reason a 14, 15, 16, 17-year-old should have a gun in your hand. There’s no reason, none at all, and it’s up to all of us,” said Gainey.

The report, released after the news conference, also raises questions about the future of Police Chief Scott Schubert.

One of the recommendations calls for the immediate search for a new chief to ensure a commitment to the new vision for public safety. It doesn’t specify what that vision is.