• Mayor Peduto says one item missing from City Hall is worth $80,000


    PITTSBURGH - On Tuesday, Mayor Bill Peduto revealed that one of the missing items from City Hall is worth $80,000.  He also put a pretty hefty price tag on repairing some of the damaged items.

    Target 11 investigator Rick Earle asked the mayor if insurance would cover the costs of the damages, and he said that’s unlikely.

    Peduto told Earle taxpayers will likely be stuck with the repair bills.

    When Peduto moved into the Mayor's Office, he discovered the chandeliers had been damaged.

    Peduto doesn't know who was responsible for the destruction.

    “The chandeliers themselves will probably cost $35,000 and that will come out of the taxpayers’ pockets.  To anybody who says this is frivolous, I'd ask them to write the first check,” said Peduto.

    The mayor confirmed with Earle that other items still missing include a vase from China.  Peduto said it’s worth $80,000.

    Earle reported last week that two items were found – a clock and crystal Super Bowl trophy worth $30,000.  Former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl had the trophy and returned it several weeks ago, Earle reported.

    Earle asked Peduto if he ever got an explanation why Ravenstahl had the trophy.

    “No, it was given to Bob O’Connor.  Luke was a councilman at the time.  It wasn’t his.  It belongs to the people of Pittsburgh,” said Peduto.

    Ravenstahl’s attorney has told Target 11 they don’t know about other missing items or damages.  He has criticized Peduto for going to the FBI instead of contacting the former mayor.

    “We are talking about items worth $35,000 and $80,000, which is significantly more than what Chief Harper went to prison for,” said Peduto.

    Ravenstahl’s attorney emailed Earle, saying, “If Peduto believes Ravenstahl damaged property, he should file a civil lawsuit, and we’ll see him in court.  Otherwise, he should just do his job.”

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