Mayor responds to recommendation to hire new police chief

PITTSBURGH — Mayor Ed Gainey today responded to a report by his transitional team recommending that he launch an immediate search for a new police chief. That report, released yesterday, raises serious questions about the future of current Police Chief Scott Schubert.

The mayor said today that he has confidence in Schubert and the entire police department, but  will now consider all of the recommendations from his transitional teams.

The volunteer committees conducted studies and reviews on various topics, including the future of policing in the city and the status of public safety.

One committee focused on public safety, and that committee recommended a change in leadership in the police department.

“Creating a community review/interview process to select the next Chief of PBP (Pittsburgh Bureau of Police). New leadership is needed to ensure the PBP (Pittsburgh Bureau of Police) Chief is committed to the new vision for public safety and being a leader in its implementation. This process should be implemented immediately,” the committee wrote.

The mayor was asked if he plans to follow the recommendation.

“We’re going to study the report and get together and talk about it as a staff, senior staff, and then we will be ready to issue something; but right now, we still got to read the report. I just received it yesterday,” said Gainey.

“Is Scott Schubert still the police chief?  Do you still have confidence in him?  Do you still have confidence in your police chief?, asked Target 11′s Rick Earle.

“Yea, I got confidence in the whole police force.  You know,” said Gainey.

Target 11 reached out to Chief Scott Schubert via email, but so far we have not heard back. Target 11 also reached out to Wasi Mohamed, one of the transitional team members responsible for writing the report on public safety, but he has yet to respond to an email request for comment.

The Department of Public Safety has declined to comment.