Meals on Wheels impacting community on greater scale due to COVID-19 pandemic

PITTSBURGH — The West Hills Meals on Wheels has not missed one day of meals for its clients in Coraopolis, Neville Island, Crescent and Moon since the pandemic started last March.

Last week they learned that a kitchen volunteer’s family member came down with COVID-19. So out of caution, they closed the kitchen.

Wanting to continue their streak and make sure their 60 clients got their much-needed food, they then turned to businesses for help.

“So we called Armstrong’s and they jumped at the chance,” said Kelly Waldron, steering committee member and volunteer at West Hills Meals on Wheels.

“We’re more than happy to help out the community,” said Mike Popivchak, manager at Armstrong’s.

Last Friday, Armstrong’s got together individual meals of pasta, bread and salad, and Meals on Wheels volunteers loaded up their cars and set out on their delivery journey.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Meals on Wheels client Lucia Sarachine when she saw all the food. “I love Meals on Wheels.”

Tom Brown is the volunteer who brings her food. But it’s about more than what’s inside the food bags.

“You check on the people, make sure they’re OK, and see if they need anything done,” said Brown. “I’ve taken out garbage, fixed the TV, it’s whatever needs done.”

That little bit of connection over food, even if just for a moment, can mean so much.

“In a year, I was only out of the house three times,” said Sarachine.

Waldron is very thankful that Armstrong’s has stepped up.

“It’s so nice to see that businesses that are struggling themselves are still willing to reach out and help out another local organization that is in need,” said Waldron.

If you’d like more information about becoming a volunteer with West Hills Meals on Wheels or if you need a meal yourself, you can contact them here.