• Mom claims bus driver dropped child off blocks from stop in Manchester


    PITTSBURGH - A Pittsburgh mother called Channel 11 News hoping to get some answers after her daughter was dropped off blocks away from her designated stop in Pittsburgh’s Manchester neighborhood.

    Tanisha Clark said she’s furious after she waited over an hour for her daughter Monday, only to find out she was left somewhere else.

    “I was waiting there over an hour. I called the bus company. They told me they would be here and that the bus was on the North Side. They never told me where she was. I was still waiting,” Clark said.

    Clark claims the driver eventually showed up and told her she dropped her child off a few blocks away from her house, and that she was left with a neighbor.

    “She should have made sure my baby called someone, or let someone know something before she got off the school bus,” Clark said.

    A spokeswoman from Pittsburgh Public Schools said the bus driver claims that Clark was not at the stop and that’s why she let the child off closer to her home.

    The driver’s employer, First Student, said they apologize for the concern the incident has caused and has removed the driver from the route.



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    Mom claims bus driver dropped child off blocks from stop in Manchester

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