• Mom says daughter was told to walk home from school; School says that didn't happen


    PITTSBURGH - A mom said her daughter was told to walk home from school, but the school said that didn’t happen.

    “I need some answers.  She’s only 11 years old.  That’s a far walk and Sheridan’s a bad area.  There have been a lot of shootings going on,” said Jennifer White.

    White’s daughter is a fifth-grader at Langley.  She rides the school bus every day, so last Wednesday when her daughter didn’t arrive home on time, White said she panicked.

    “I’m walking around looking for her, and I end up finding her down the street.  She said she had to walk home from school,” said White.

    “They kept saying I couldn’t get on the bus,” said the girl.

    The girl was reportedly suspended and forced to walk home for mouthing off to one of her teachers.

    Channel 11 Timyka Artist reported the 1. 5 mile walk took the girl about 40 minutes.

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools said, “She was never told to walk home and chose to walk away from school on her own. While the student's behavior was grounds for a bus suspension, she was not given one since staff was unable to reach a parent to determine how she would get home."

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