• Moon Township police seek driver who sped past stopped school bus


    MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Police in Moon Township are hoping that surveillance video from a school bus will help them track down a driver who sped past the bus while it was stopped.

    Witnesses said the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed on Tuesday morning when he went around a stopped school bus with its lights flashing and stop sign out.


    Video from the inside the bus captured the driver passing the school bus on the shoulder of the road of University Boulevard near Farmhaven Drive. The maneuver was made seconds before a student boarded the bus.

    “She didn't get hit. A few seconds before she had walked, a few seconds sooner if the car was going a little faster, she probably would have been hit or struck,” Moon Township Police Officer Michael Barravecchio said.

    In the surveillance video, the driver is seen making a right-hand turn into a business after passing the bus. 

    The bus driver reported the incident to authorities, and Moon Township police are trying to identify the vehicle and the driver.

    “If anybody has any knowledge of this after seeing this video (and) can identify the driver, or knows someone who has a silver or gold SUV, possibly a Suzuki Grand Vitara with a hard-shell tire in the back and a sunroof, we'd appreciate a call to identify the driver,” Barravecchio said.

    Passing a stopped school bus is a summary offense in Pennsylvania and comes with five points on a driver’s license, which initiates a mandatory 60-day suspension.

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