More water fixtures test positive for Legionella at Pittsburgh VA

Water fixtures test positive for Legionella at VA Pittsburgh H.J. Heinz III campus

O'HARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Two more water fixtures at the Pittsburgh VA’s O’Hara Township campus have tested positive for Legionella, officials announced Friday.

It’s the second time this week that the potentially deadly bacterium was discovered at the facility.


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A water safety team found the third and fourth cases in a staff area. According to the VA staff, no patients had any contact with the affected areas.

Since the discovery of Friday’s cases, a crew has been working to tear apart and sanitize the affected areas. Officials are concerned because Legionella can lead to pneumonia and can potentially be deadly.

The Pittsburgh VA staff has tested 450 water samples for Legionella in October at the O’Hara Township and Oakland campuses. In the last seven days, three water fixtures in Oakland and four in O’Hara Township have tested positive.

The two fixtures in Oakland include a patient shower and public sink.

The VA staff stressed that they believe their water is safe.

The Veterans Affair Committee in Washing, D.C. is investigating, Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson reported.