• Mother of 2 children injured in crash after police chase speaks out


    PITTSBURGH - A mother whose two children were injured Tuesday morning when a vehicle involved in a police chase smashed into her car on Route 51 told Channel 11 News Wednesday that she had no time to react.

    “It happened so fast. I never saw him. I had no idea what happened,” Heather Bach said, describing the moment after impact on Route 51 at Woodruff Street.


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    Bach said she was on her way to Pittsburgh International Airport with her two children, 11-year-old Amelia and 13-year-old Noah, to pick up a foreign exchange student when the crash happened.

    “I had just said to them, 'Oh, we're in the clear. Now we're almost at the tubes,’” she said. “I looked over at both of the kids and they were both just screaming. Noah’s nose is bleeding on his face, and he’s saying that his stomach hurt. My daughter was saying that she couldn't breathe and that her stomach hurt.”

    Bach’s car was hit when the driver of a stolen vehicle involved in a chase with police ran a red light.

    “I just started screaming, ‘Someone call 911,’ and at the same time, it was like 15 seconds before I'm seeing the police and everyone was there. So I was thinking in my head, ‘Wow, that was really fast,” she said.

    According to police paperwork, Stowe Township police began chasing a stolen vehicle shortly before midnight Tuesday that was allegedly driven by Raymon Brown, 19, with Larry Wilson, 20, as his passenger. Stowe police reportedly broke off the chase near the West End Bridge and called for assistance from Pittsburgh police.  

    After the crash, Brown and Wilson were taken to separate hospitals with minor injuries. Both face several charges, including theft, receiving stolen property and reckless endangerment.

    “I'm not angry. That's the strange thing. I'm kind of, like, waiting for like all of these emotions to kick in,” Bach said. “I have a very firm faith, and I believe that everything happens for reason. It's hard right now in the midst of it to understand what the reason is or what the greater impact may be.”  

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