Mt. Lebanon man working with municipality to make streets safer

MT. LEBANON, Pa. — Take a look around Mt. Lebanon and it’s bustling with people on foot.

“There are several streets around elementary schools that don’t have sidewalks around them. So how can you call yourself a walkable community if you don’t have sidewalks on most of your streets,” said Seth Davis.

Davis is a resident and dad. He is working with the municipality to adopt the national policy called Complete Streets for his children.

“It creates a framework to look at every street completely that sounds simple but honestly a lot of decisions are made for just vehicles but this will look at people walking those accessing transit,” Davis said.

His research shows that nationally deaths of people walking are at the highest levels in 40 years. Davis is talking about a community that doesn’t offer busing for its students.

“I’ve had a lot of near misses myself with people running red lights with my children in the crosswalk it will be part of the plan performance metrics where they will have to study some of these things,” Davis said.

Mt. Lebanon is on board. A spokesperson released the following statement about the project.

“As a diverse community, Mt. Lebanon prides itself on ensuring all residents and visitors have safe, comfortable and easy opportunities for moving about town. Adopting a Complete Streets policy will formalize this dedication to all modes and users of transportation, including walkers, cyclists, seniors, children, people with disabilities, drivers, public transit riders and emergency responders, by explaining our commitment, setting performance measures and outlining the steps for implementation. We are excited to turn this vision into our reality,” said spokesperson Laura Pace Lilley.

It’s not a project that will come cheap or happen overnight. But Davis hopes all design ideas are brought forth and safer streets are in the future.

“I would love to see some real projects happen in the next five years but it is a long term commitment,” Davis said.

The meeting to adopt this policy will take place at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Once the vote is complete, plans for improvement begin.

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