• New Brighton pharmacy to give customers overdose antidote without prescription



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    NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. – A drug designed to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose will soon be made available without a prescription at a New Brighton pharmacy.

    Pennsylvania's Act 139, which was passed in September 2014, provided first responders, friends and families access to an opioid overdose antidote known as naloxone or Narcan, which essentially reverses the effects of the drugs, potentially saving a life.

    Now, after a brief evaluation, customers at Hometown Apothecary Drugs can also receive Narcan. Pharmacist Eric Miladin said he believes the over the counter sales will save even more lives.

    "This program enables naloxone to be put in the hands of people who are around those who are using either a prescription or non-prescription opioids,” said Miladin. 

    Narcan can be injected, inhaled or administered by a kit that resembles a bee sting kit.

    A standing order signed recently signed by Gateway Rehab for Hometown Apothecary Drugs allows the pharmacy to make the drug available to families in need.

    "Now you can go to a pharmacy and get screened. A family member today can walk into a few pharmacies in our area and ask for this,” said Neil Capretto, with Gateway Rehab. 

    Capretto also told Channel 11 that the new availability of Narcan is meant to help patients who take prescription opioids and sometimes accidentally overdose. 

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