• New recess format at Whitehall Elementary allows students to play video games


    WHITEHALL, Pa. - Some parents are upset with the new recess format at a Baldwin-Whitehall School District elementary school.

    School leaders at Whitehall Elementary said students have the option of going outdoors or staying inside during recess. If the student stays inside, one of the games they can choose to play is Nintendo Wii.

    The school said they rotate recess days during the week, meaning kids are divided into groups to play outdoors or indoors.

    Some parents like Lisa Di Cesare said she and her kids aren’t excited about playing video games at school.

    “They’re not happy about it. They want to be outside playing with the groups of friends they choose,” Di Cesare said. “I think you should let kids go on the playground and let them play what they want with who they want.”

    The superintendent of Baldwin-Whitehall declined an on-camera interview, but told Channel 11 News that the new format is designed to keep children out of trouble and injury-free.

    School district officials said the students are inside playing Wii only one or two days per week.

    “I think their intentions are good, but I think it was a little misguided,” Di Cesare said.

    Di Cesare said she wouldn’t mind the kids playing video games on a rainy day or during the winter, but not when it’s nice outside.

    She also said a group of parents is planning to talk to the school board about possible changes.

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