• New surveillance program helps local township crack down on illegal dumping


    COLLIER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A new surveillance program is helping a local township crack down on people accused of illegal dumping.

    As part of a pilot program sponsored by Keep PA Beautiful, Collier Township has installed motion sensor surveillance cameras at a popular dumping site.

    The cameras helped officials charge and convict Danielle Cosentino. Police said Cosentino was caught on tape dumping a television and microwave oven. A judge found Cosentino guilty and fined her $780 for the crime.

    Police also charged Cosentino’s husband, but he was found not guilty because the judge could not determine if he was the man on the surveillance video.

    “The technology is amazing and it works and it proves that this type of evidence will hold up in court,” Collier Township manager Sal Sirabella said.

    Officials are hoping the conviction of Cosentino will prevent others from leaving improperly disposing of their unwanted items.

    “Be aware. Don’t dump. Take it where it’s supposed to go. Recycle if possible and take it to the correct place,” Keep Pa Beautiful spokeswoman Sue Urchek said. 

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