ONLY ON 11: Video shows fight on Woodland Hills school bus


 ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. -- A mother spoke exclusively with Channel 11 Thursday about a school bus brawl caught on camera in which a group of students beat and knocked out her daughter.

"I don't want her to go back. I don’t even want her on that bus,” said Juanita Jennings, the victim’s mother. “I just called the school board and told them that I am trying to find how I could just homeschool her the rest of the school year."

Jennings said she can barely watch cellphone video that captured the entire attack on her daughter, Jada Collins.

"And as you seen in the video, even though she stood up to the girl, she's not even the one that swung first. She was pushed into the girl,” said Jennings.

Cellphone video shows the fight starting shortly after Collins, 14, boards a school bus provided by the Woodland Hills School District.

"I got kicked in my head by somebody. I don’t know if I have an injury. I just know that my head, the back of my head’s really sore. And when I was getting off the school bus, I had patches of hair coming out,” said Collins.

Collins told Channel 11 that she fought back in self-defense from what she called “constant bullying” from another student and claimed that she’s been suspended in the past for defending herself against that student.

"It's been an ongoing feud that the principal knew about, and we told him about it. And he told us that they took care of it,” said Jennings.

A request for comment from the school district’s superintendent office has yet to be returned.

Jennings said all she had been told so far is that Collins isn’t allowed to ride the school bus any longer.