• ‘Operation Safe Stop' aims to enforce school bus stop laws


    PITTSBURGH - Police are keeping a closer eye on school bus stops by patrolling the area in unmarked cars, looking for drivers who violate school bus stop laws.

    The new program, called "Operation Safe Stop," is intended to make sure drivers are abiding by school bus stop laws.

    “If you see a school bus that’s stopped with its red light on, you are required to stop within 10 feet of that bus,” Pittsburgh police Cmdr. Scott Schubert said. “Whether they are on the phone, texting or putting makeup on, I’ve seen lots of people go right passed the bus.”

    Channel 11’s Dave Bondy accompanied Schubert Wednesday morning as he watched children boarding buses, and looked for drivers who ignored the red flashing lights.

    Melissa Rubolino said she’s one of the many parents who are happy with the increased patrols.

    “They literally don’t see the stop sign and blow right through it. They don’t care,” Rubolino said.

    Motorists caught driving passed a stopped school bus will be fined $250, and possibly receive five points on your license or lose your license for 60 days.

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