• Organ valued at $200K stolen from Mt. Washington church


    PITTSBURGH - Authorities are investigating after an organ valued at $200,000 was stolen from a Mt. Washington church.

    According to police, St. Justin’s Catholic Church on Mt. Washington recently merged with St. Mary of the Mount, and was closed when the organ was stolen.

    Investigators said very few people have access to the church now that it’s closed, and they’re looking into how someone was able to make off with the organ.

    “I can’t believe someone came into church and took an organ. It’s a big piece of equipment,” St. Justin’s business manager Skip Hary said.

    Hary said the organ pipes that were also stolen could only be accessed by a ladder into the ceiling.

    “They would have to know stuff up there because it’s not visible from church. Was it an inside job? Possibly, or someone who had access and made a copy of a key,” Hary said.

    Hary said he’s baffled how anyone could get the organ out of the church.

    “The steps have two bends and they’re narrow. It takes four to five people to lower it down and a couple hundred pipes had to be removed,” Hary said.

    Hary said he thinks whoever stole the organ may try to sell it to a church out of town.

    Investigators said there were no signs of forced entry and they’re still investigating. Anyone with information on the theft is asked to contact police.

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