• Pittsburgh parents opting students out of PSSA testing


    PITTSBURGH - Local parents are choosing to opt their kids out of PSSA testing more than in past years.

    According to the Pittsburgh City School Board, 20 students have been opted out of the testing this year. A spokesman for the Pittsburgh City School Board said that is an unusually high number compared to past years.

    "We're really protesting the system that’s sorting and labeling our kids as failures," said Jessie Ramey, a parent who chose to opt her two kids out of the assessment.

    Ramey is part of a grassroots movement to get rid of the PSSA tests.

    "I think they have really high stakes for both our kids and our schools, and our teachers,” said Ramey.

    She told Channel 11 reporter Brandon Hudson that the testing places too much pressure on teacher-student success.

    "Because of the high stakes, we now have cheating scandals all over the country,” Ramey told Hudson."It really has created a perverse incentive, and corrupted our system," she said.

    Parents are only able to opt students out of PSSA testing for religious reasons.

    "I really call on the faith traditions of social justice and social actions," said Ramey.

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