Pennsylvanians share some of the influences in their vote for governor

HARRISBURG — A Democrat will spend the next four years at the Governor’s mansion in the state capital of Harrisburg after a double-digit win by current Attorney General Josh Shapiro over Republican Doug Mastriano.

“I think this election was a great example of how democracy works. I think people showed their agreement with certain things and disagreement with other things,” said Dan Gemmell.

Pennsylvania voters are saying they believe democracy, freedom and basic human rights were on the ballot.

“Democracy has never been pretty; it won’t ever be pretty. That’s democracy,” Gene Nebinger from Harrisburg said.

For others, they say it’s not about party lines. They vote for the person vying for that position.

“I’m ambivalent to party. I’m a registered independent. I don’t think it really matters dramatically.  If you get the right person in the right position, they’re going to do what’s best for their constituents,” one voter said.

Governor-elect Shapiro thanked Mastriano in his victory speech just before midnight Tuesday night. So far, Mastriano has not conceded.

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