• Pitt student charged with vandalizing Cathedral


    PITTSBURGH - A University of Pittsburgh student has been charged with vandalizing the school's Cathedral of Learning by spray painting 12-foot letters inside a hallway.

    Campus police say 21-year-old Daniel Mohammad Khan Yousufzai painted the letters “WRC” then sat down outside to wait for police Saturday morning. School officials say the damage will cost up to $100,000 to fix because it's difficult to remove the paint from the building's sandstone interior.

    Authorities say the letters stand for Worker's Rights Consortium, a group that works with universities to ensure that factories which make university apparel don't mistreat workers.

    Some Pitt students want the university to start working with the group, though university officials have said Pitt is already working with another group and satisfied with their efforts.

    A defense attorney isn't listed in online court records.

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