• Pittsburgh crime rates drop for 6th consecutive year


    PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police annual report shows crime has dropped for the sixth consecutive year.

    The 2011 report analyzed the type of crimes and where they were being committed throughout the area.

    The crimes that decreased the most included homicides at 20 percent and burglaries at 8 percent. The rate of aggravated assaults and rapes also decreased. Arsons, however, went up 25 percent.

    According to the report, the most violent crimes happened in Homewood, Downtown, East Liberty and Bloomfield.

    The report included interesting information on the number of stop and frisks, which are light pat-downs of people police believe to look suspicious.

    According to police, they weren't tracking stop and frisks until the Jordan Miles case began.

    The report said about 5,200 stop and frisks were given in 2011. African-American males and females comprised 3,259 of those. Whites made up 1,895.

    Another new statistic reported was warrantless search and seizures. These, like stop and frisks, were conducted because of suspicious behavior.

    Out of the reported 5,246 warrantless search and seizures, police took no further action in half the cases, and 41 percent ended in a conviction.

    Police were also able to determine that the most likely time for a murder to occur is Wednesdays between 6 p.m. and midnight.

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