• Pittsburgh DJ suspended for comments about Freddie Gray on social media


    PITTSBURGH - A Pittsburgh DJ has been taken off the airwaves after he posted some controversial comments on Instagram about Freddie Gray, whose death in police custody has sparked protests in Baltimore.

    WAMO 100 DJ Mike Jax posted a photo of Gray on his Instagram, with a list 22 charges Gray faced prior to his death. In the caption, Jax wrote, “(Gray) was pretty busy before he was unjustly killed at the hands of Baltimore PD. #prayforbaltimore”


    Jamal Woodson, WAMO’s general manager, said listeners flooded the station with complaints. 

    “WAMO 100 does not share the views or condone the comments expressed on a WAMO 100 employee’s personal social media page. As a representative of WAMO 100, we expect a code of conduct that should transcend the airwaves,” Woodson wrote in part on the station’s Facebook page. “We thank our listeners for your concerned calls and emails.”

    Jax later returned to Instagram with an apology.

    “I'd like to apologize for my previous post. My intention was not to justify Freddie Gray's death. It was to highlight that his arrest record DOES NOT justify his death. I'm sorry I was not more clear.”

    Woodson did not say when or if Jax will be back on the air.

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